Greece – Golden Visas for more investors

The Migration Policy Ministry is set to table an amendment in Parliament that expands the measure of offering a residence permit to non-European Union investors beyond the property sector, with the so-called Golden Visa program being widened to include people with deposits of at least 400,000 euros in a time deposit at a Greek bank.

Chinese premier calls for closer cooperation with Albania

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said here Friday that China stands ready to work with Albania to accelerate the alignment of their development strategies and lift bilateral ties to a new level.
Li made the remarks while meeting with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. Both leaders are in the Bulgarian capital to attend the seventh leaders’ meeting of China and 16 Central and Eastern European countries.

Italian investor: Albania, an enticing country

Albania offers great opportunities for investments in a number of sectors such as energy, minerals, agriculture and tourism in particular, which has seen a boom, yet beyond the reach of local tour operators, developing into a major draw for investments,
Presentation of Albania’s unlocked potentials was the highlight of the forum held earlier this week in Tirana with the participation of as many as 200 Italian enterprises represented by 350 delegates.

Albania, regional leader for attracting foreign investment

The government’s pro-business climate reforms and its position as an important gateway for south-eastern European and Balkan countries have helped Albania to attract around 13 percent of the foreign investments volume in the region.
Foreign direct investments (FDI) to surpassed one billion dollars in 2017, while the FDI inflow is expected to be higher in 2018.

Govt. to spend EUR 20 mln on agricultural subsidies

The Albanian govt. has planned this year to spend EUR 20 mln on agricultural subsidies, of which EUR 8 mln for green houses. In addition, some EUR 93 mln will be disbursed in the framework of IPARD.

Over 19 thousand start-ups registered in 2017

TIRANA, Jan 19 /ATA/- Improvement of business climate in Albania, apart from the reports of international financial institutions, is reflected on the statistics of the start-ups with Albanian or foreign capital.

Ervina Qendro, specialist with the National Business Centre tells ATA that over 19 thousand start-ups have registered during 2017, of which as many as 1292 are enterprises with 100% foreign capital./a.gjonaj/ /a.g/sm/



Të ardhurat e raportuara nga Bashkitë nga taksa e infrastrukturës tregojnë për nivel rekord në 9 muajt e parë të vitit. Sipas portalit, për të gjitha bashkitë, të ardhurat nga kjo taksë kontribuan me rreth 4.4 miliardë lekë në buxhetin vendor (26% e totalit të të ardhurave të veta), në rritje të ndjeshme krahasuar me nivelin e kësaj takse prej 1.7 miliardë lekësh në të njëjtën periudhë të një viti më parë.

Bizneset e parresgjistruara, shumë shpejt kontrollet në terren

Drejtoria e Përgjithshme e Tatimeve paralajmëron të gjithë individët që rezultojnë me biznese të paregjistruara të fillojnë procedurat